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“July 1, 2011 – Ann Arbor, MI—Dzanc Books is proud to announce that it has acquired the eBook rights for Jonathan Baumbach’s entire backlist to be published within the Dzanc Books rEprint Series.  This includes his 14 books of fiction prior to Dreams of Molly, which Dzanc published earlier this year, and his nonfiction, The […]

“YOU is the very first time I met [Jonathan Baumbach], and I’m glad I did.” Take a peek at Anna Clark’s charming and insightful video review of YOU at brand-new literary journal, The Collagist. — LAUREN CERAND

Andrew Madigan reviews YOU or The Invention of Memory in the new Portland Review (Spring/Summer 2009): “Jonathan Baumbach is the most original and entertaining writer we have. His prose is haunting, his images startling. Each of his works is an important addition to the rickety scaffold of postmodernism, even when he adds by taking something […]

HIPSTER BOOK CLUB: “Jonathan Baumbach, in You or The Invention of Memory has written a book that accomplishes the main goals of metafiction and of good literature: reminding readers of the book as an object and a construct and a contract between the author and reader, and enrapturing those same readers with a complicated love […]

The Brooklyn Rail is serializing a new novel by Jonathan Baumbach, which thrills me! When was the last time a newspaper (or a blog, even) did anything that cool? Well, they’re doing it now. — LAUREN CERAND

Rambles is a very cool (and pioneering, c. 1999) online  journal of culture and arts journalism and criticism. Michael Scott Cain reviews YOU or The Invention of Memory and discusses “one of America’s most overlooked novelists” in a terrific review here. Definitely do linger there and take a look around at all that’s on offer. […]

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YOU or The Invention of Memory is now in stock at Vroman’s. Patrick Brown, who is a serious TASTEMAKER (earlier today, he posted on Twitter, “OK, I basically psychotically loved Last Night in Montreal from Unbridled Books. Such an amazing structure, ” and I thought to myself, Psychotically, you say? I WILL BUY IT), recommends […]