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Jonathan Baumbach recently introduced a screening of Eric Rohmer’s An Autumn Tale at BAMcinematek, which was perfect as its one of the influences in YOU or The Invention of Memory. Flavorwire covered the event. Here’s Jonathan’s introduction: “A few weeks ago, circumstantially, I ran into Arthur Penn’s ‘Night Moves’ on TV, another worthy late film, […]

Art You Need


20×200’s Untitled (I told my therapist about you) by Mike Monteiro.

As I mentioned, I’m going to be speaking at a school about The New You Project next week. In honor of the occasion, I interviewed Jonathan Baumbach about writing, in the style of Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, which I have always loved. The New You Project: When did you know you wanted to […]

I just ordered Anna Karenina because I have been following one reader’s impassioned discussion of the book this week, e.g. “We readers live vicariously through Anna’s story because it is such an incredible, extravagant adventure, full of intricate and delicately realized gestures, words and emotions. It’s the extravagance that resonates with our own lives: how […]

Two Good Ideas


1. Emily Bobrow, an editor at More Intelligent Life, which is published by The Economist, posted a short, provocative piece on T-Post, a new Swedish magazine printed on a t-shirt and delivered by mail every six weeks. This interests me on two levels: one, subscription-based models that deliver niche content directly to users are a […]

The other day I was thinking about the specialty fragrance producer Frederic Malle (who actually thinks of himself as a publisher working with the finest perfumers in the business to create new scents), and the little-known fact that you can take a questionnaire at the website, answering questions such as, A perfume for yourself, for […]

Lazy Lover


Lest you forget, you have a few more days to request a free copy of Jonathan Baumbach’s YOU or The Invention of Memory, praised by The Los Angeles Times as “beguiling… like any gesture of love, deserves your regard.” The offer expires in poetic fashion on Valentine’s Day, with no plans at present for a White […]