The New New You


“July 1, 2011 – Ann Arbor, MI—Dzanc Books is proud to announce that it has acquired the eBook rights for Jonathan Baumbach’s entire backlist to be published within the Dzanc Books rEprint Series.  This includes his 14 books of fiction prior to Dreams of Molly, which Dzanc published earlier this year, and his nonfiction, The Landscape of Nightmare.  The full fiction list is: A Man to Conjure With; What Comes Next; Reruns; Chez Charlotte and Emily; My Father More of Less; The Life and Times of Major Fiction; The Return of Service; Separate Hours; Seven Wives; Babble; D-Tours; B, a novel; On The Way To My Father’s Funeral: New and Selected Stories; and You, or the Invention of Memory. These eBooks will be published, three at a time, every other month, beginning in October 2011. The final trio will be published in June 2012, at which time Dzanc Books will also publish a paperback version of You, or the Invention of Memory.”

Recently profiled by The New York Observer, Jonathan will make a rare public appearance at 192 Books in New York on July 20.


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