What they say about YOU (the very latest)


HIPSTER BOOK CLUB:Jonathan Baumbach, in You or The Invention of Memory has written a book that accomplishes the main goals of metafiction and of good literature: reminding readers of the book as an object and a construct and a contract between the author and reader, and enrapturing those same readers with a complicated love story that plays with memory and identity. Baumbach is clearly a writer at the top of his game…” [More]

MARY PHILLIPS-SANDY:I opened the envelope and turned the book, which is pleasantly slim, over in my left hand. The NYTBR blurb on the back jacket refers to the author’s previous collection as “more than thirty years of work from an underappreciated writer.” In this context the word “underappreciated” is meant to convey both the quality of the author’s work and the quality of the NYTBR, for recognizing the quality of the author’s work when few others did. Perhaps also the quality of you, for the discerning taste that led you to hold this underappreciated thing in your left hand.” [More]


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