A Machine for Buzzing


I just ordered Anna Karenina because I have been following one reader’s impassioned discussion of the book this week, e.g. “We readers live vicariously through Anna’s story because it is such an incredible, extravagant adventure, full of intricate and delicately realized gestures, words and emotions. It’s the extravagance that resonates with our own lives: how many breaths have you taken during which love—earthy, Earthly love—composed the entire meaning of your life?”

And then I decided to order B, per Jonathan Baumbach’s earlier recommendation, and Chez Charlotte and Emily because that was the one on his backlist that appealed to me personally. And Far From the Madding Crowd, too, because of this. That sounds like perfect pre-spring entertainment to me. What’s on your list?

P.S. If you’ve never seen/heard a Buddha Machine, they’re really great.



One Response to “A Machine for Buzzing”

  1. Wow! I wrote that? Tolstoy must have inspired me.

    I’m back home on Sunday, so I’m looking forward to the greater availability of reading materials on the archipelago. ‘The Drop Edge of Yonder’ should be one of them.

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