Arthur watches his feet but thinks of Odile’s mouth…


Valentine’s Day comes early as Vroman’s, “Publishers Weekly Bookseller Of The Year 2008” as well as “Southern California’s Oldest & Largest Independent Bookstore,” recommends YOU or The Invention of Memory as one of “Two Great Books for Valentine’s Day… Sort of.Patrick Brown says,

“I loved this book.  As I read YOU, I found myself thinking of a French New Wave film. … Something more like a Godard film… the absurdity tossed into the quotidian, the humor (often biting) butting up against a hip, urbane sexuality.  As a reader, it was an interesting experience to never know quite was coming next and yet still be desperate to find out.”

How can I post that and not include the dance sequence from Band of Outsiders?

P.S. Last call if you want a free copy of YOU– I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy so you’ve got ’til tomorrow, midnight (correspondence at laurencerand dot com).



2 Responses to “Arthur watches his feet but thinks of Odile’s mouth…”

  1. 5 ***** review at Amazon

  2. I saw that last night, Marco– exquisite. Better than the best box of candy. Thank you!

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