No Mystery on You



I enjoyed a perfect, nearly spring-like interlude on an unseasonably warm day in New York when I met author and general mover-and-shaker Tayari Jones at Inoteca this afternoon. It was right after I stumbled upon the New Year Parade in Chinatown and so my head was still filled with dragons, drums and confetti. As we caught up she said she was intrigued by The New You Project and aware of the buzz but wasn’t exactly sure what it’s all about. To recap: YOU or The Invention of Memory is a brilliant new novel by Jonathan Baumbach. The book came out (and went too quickly) last year, and so I am working with him to connect it with new readers (because I am an optimist and despite the opinion of some that the sky is falling in general, things seem about to get interesting to me). To bring YOU to you. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, let me know. And if you’ve already read it and have something to say, let me know that too. As regular readers know, we play it pretty fast and loose here, so actually if you have anything to say about anything, that would also be a reason to get in touch. I think of this space as a laboratory-meets-library salon for a new kind of conversation and it’s all most welcome. As the tagline says, “Limited Time, Infinite Possibilities,” so bring ’em…

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