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Rambles is a very cool (and pioneering, c. 1999) onlineĀ  journal of culture and arts journalism and criticism. Michael Scott Cain reviews YOU or The Invention of Memory and discusses “one of America’s most overlooked novelists” in a terrific review here. Definitely do linger there and take a look around at all that’s on offer. […]

In Good Company


YOU or The Invention of Memory is now in stock at Vroman’s. Patrick Brown, who is a serious TASTEMAKER (earlier today, he posted on Twitter, “OK, I basically psychotically loved Last Night in Montreal from Unbridled Books. Such an amazing structure, ” and I thought to myself, Psychotically, you say? I WILL BUY IT), recommends […]

As I mentioned, I’m going to be speaking at a school about The New You Project next week. In honor of the occasion, I interviewed Jonathan Baumbach about writing, in the style of Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, which I have always loved. The New You Project: When did you know you wanted to […]

Readerville accords The New You Project its coveted “Blog of the Week” status!

“Dzanc Books is proud to announce that it will publish a novel by Jonathan Baumbach in early 2011, entitled Dreams of Molly… Steve Gillis said, ‘We at Dzanc are very excited to publish this newest work from a true American original.’” More.

I just ordered Anna Karenina because I have been following one reader’s impassioned discussion of the book this week, e.g. “We readers live vicariously through Anna’s story because it is such an incredible, extravagant adventure, full of intricate and delicately realized gestures, words and emotions. It’s the extravagance that resonates with our own lives: how […]

Last night I received an email from a reader, Andrew Madigan, who wrote to say that he’s written a review of YOU or The Invention of Memory that has been accepted by The Portland Review. And he even sent the text to me to for a sneak peek and it is stunning! I have been […]