Guest Commentary: Kassia Krozser


Kassia Krozser of Booksquare just left a comment on my previous post that’s so awesome that I am reposting it separately to make sure that you don’t miss it:

“I will, as advised, try to be better about ‘the future of publishing’, even though I’ve discovered it’s all about ‘my future in publishing’ for most people. Which is perfectly fine.

I am intrigued by this concept of social discovery — and not just because I haven’t yet watched the DVDs of The Wire that we borrowed from friends. When you note that major media (what is that, these days) won’t be covering this series, I see that as the problem with so much media today: the one shot process. Last week, there was a story on the way viewing for online television series (again, need better terms) between the first and second episode. My guess is that this is because there is so much hype for the *first*, and people don’t necessarily watch online programming in the same manner that traditional television is viewed. Yet success or failure is determined in that first window, never mind the extended (or long, if you prefer) tail is out there.

Same with books. So much goes into that first release, especially if it’s a hardcover, that no energy remains for long-tail markets. Yet, we know that so many books are long, slow builds. There’s a discovery process, a word of mouth process, a hearing about it so much you have to check it out process. Think about how I got here — I’ve been aware of this project for some time, but this that and the other have stopped me from checking out the site. Then one link, one moment of intrigue, and here I am.

To me, that’s how you judge success in this (theoretically) new world. Are you reaching people in a sustainable way or are they passing you by because you’ve written them off when they don’t show up on Day One?”

Check her out at Booksquare and at The Tools of Change Conference in New York.



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