Massachusetts + The Radio + Roger



Hope that everyone who’s gotten their hands on YOU or The Invention of Memory is enjoying it! The feedback I’ve been getting has been so luminous and amazing and from around the world. Please keep it all coming. Also, I thought it would take people like a month to read it but on Twitter I keep seeing people’s notes that they have read YOU in one sitting or one evening and… wow. So whaddaya think?

Jonathan will be reading from YOU at The Bookstore in Lenox, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that perfect! 3-5PM. Also, that’s another independent shop with the book now in stock. I want to stomp out a giant heart around the store in the snow. Or just imagine that I am doing it since I am in New York and it’d be a long walk. They can be my Valentine, though.

He’ll also be appearing on WBCR-LP 97.7 FM’s “Across the Borderline” with host Phil Johnson on February 8 from 2-3pm. The program streams live on Berkshire Community Radio.

You can also leave any questions you’d like to ask Jonathan in the comments and maybe he can answer them for us next week. I have one, which is, why did he decide to structure the novel in three parts? Also, what is the DEAL with Roger? For some reason, in my mind, I see him as being played by Ben Stiller in Reality Bites, especially when he exasperatedly asks that world-weary slacker-lover character that Ethan Hawke always played in the ’90s, hey man, what’s your glitch?

How to join the conversation: Read the book! While supplies last, you can ask me for one (correspondence at laurencerand dot com). YOU or The Invention of Memory can also be found at Amazon,, and in person or by telephone from first-class independent booksellers Bluestockings and The Bookstore. Calling or dropping by sounds so perfectly romantic. Who can resist? Why would you want to?



One Response to “Massachusetts + The Radio + Roger”

  1. I devoured it and am dying to talk to someone about the book. My plan is to let it sink in and then read it again. I’ve forwarded the link to the first post to the blog to my friends with literary leanings, but I don’t think I can wait for them….

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