Jonathan Baumbach on Independent Publishing


Jonathan has a must-read essay at Maud Newton. Noted,

“It is hard (when you have no money) to sustain the publishing of original fiction in the U.S. and virtually impossible to sell books in significant number without the wherewithal to advertise and garner reviews.

Media is a system of mirrors that tends to discover and honor whatever it offered for discovery and honor in the first place. We are a culture in which the perception of something often counts for more than the thing itself.

My most recent small press publishing experience provides unwittingly an object lesson…”

You can read the rest here. And please save the date, February 15 at 7pm, when he’ll read from YOU or The Invention of Memory as part of the justifiably legendary KGB Sunday Night Fiction Series. My week is already made and it’s Tuesday!



One Response to “Jonathan Baumbach on Independent Publishing”

  1. He did a great reading from the book sometime in the fall of 2007 in Williamsburg. It’s a terrific novel which does interesting things with point of view — probably his best novel since “Reruns” although I especially like his short story collection “On the Way to My Father’s Funeral.”

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