The Week One Report


The New You Project launched Tuesday, and it’s thrilling to note that there are about fifty more copies of a daring, buzzworthy novel in circulation than there were a week ago. The brightest fireworks are yet to come and it’s a sparkling start.

The response has been exquisite and, at times, overwhelming in the best way, and I am over the moon about it all. Perhaps tomorrow I will blog about my desire to KILL PRESS RELEASES DEAD and my FONDEST WISH that I should not have to write one for this campaign, EVER! We’ll see how it goes…

In the meantime, I’d like to support those who have supported The New You Project, because if you’re reading this, you’re absolutely the coolest of the cool. I’ll discuss a little about how patterns of cultural influence emerge later (rings on a tree, remember?) but first, I’d like to get this bad-ass book club that’s taking shape started. Is it like a ship? Do I need to smash a bottle of Champagne?

Anyway, I’ve had a personal blog, Lux Lotus, for nearly five years, and started writing there because I didn’t feel as though I had anyone to talk to about my interests; in my first post, I listed them as “arte povera and conceptual art a la Sophie Calle.  I also like beetles, Jamaican culture, philosophy, interactions between people and machines, and textile design.” And much to my surprise, people who shared those interests and others found me. You could say that we found each other. Some of the requests I received this week in response to The New You Project were from people who have blogs and other online dynamic presences, and you should check them out. It’s like YOU. You might fall in love:

About Last Night
Alice Ayers
Amanda Christina
An Ancient Gesture
Black Market Kidneys
The Bookish Dilettante
Books on the Nightstand
Evelyn Street Press
Juke Box Graduate
Kim Said
La Coquette
Laura Roeder
Maryanne Stahl at Her Mac
The Morning News
OUP Blog
Persistent Cookie
Shaken & Stirred
The Tomato Diaries
What’s Good for Girls

If I missed one, please let me know via comment. And, I’ll still send you a book. All you have to do is ask me to (correspondence at laurencerand dot com).

I have received a few notes from people who would like to show their support with American dollars, and we welcome that as well. YOU or The Invention of Memory can also be found at Amazon,, and from first-class New York independent bookseller, Bluestockings. If you think today is good, tomorrow will be even better.



2 Responses to “The Week One Report”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Lauren. I got the book yesterday and I’m 30 pages away from finishing. It’s absolutely wonderful. I have some ideas for how I can contribute. Stand by… 😉

  2. Oh Happy Day! To be called coolest of the cool by the most cool person I know. I want a t-shirt that says “Lauren Cerand thinks I’m cool”

    I got my copy today and started diving in…hmmmmmm…this will be a most interesting journey I can tell….

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