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If you like The Wire, you’ll love The West Side… “Set in a unique, alternate universe, it melds together elements of two disparate film genres: the grit of an urban setting with the tradition of the American Western. The show is presented free on the internet as a contemporary version of the serial novel.” — […]

Kassia Krozser of Booksquare just left a comment on my previous post that’s so awesome that I am reposting it separately to make sure that you don’t miss it: “I will, as advised, try to be better about ‘the future of publishing’, even though I’ve discovered it’s all about ‘my future in publishing’ for most […]

You know how some expressions seem really charming and infectious at first, like using “Bananas” as an adjective? “The Future of Publishing” had a similar luster, I guess because no one in publishing had ever thought about the future until it arrived with the internet. I am guilty, though of moderating a panel, one of […]

Brooklyn literati, rejoice! Jonathan will be reading from YOU or The Invention of Memory at Brooklyn College on Wednesday, February 18, at 6PM in the Barker Room (2315 Boylan Hall). FREE. “You manages to convey something essential about the arbitrary and slippery nature of events, desire, memory, and narrative.” — The Brooklyn Rail

Pictures of You


If you have a playlist for YOU or The Invention of Memory, send it in anytime! Or leave a comment here. Right now I am listening to this band from Portland, Oregon, called Blind Pilot and my score for the book today would be all them. Your thoughts? — LAUREN CERAND

The other day at the post office the woman at the window said to me, “Ice. Land. They have this country now?” And I wanted to be like, it’s been around a while, but it’s not like I’ve been there so I replied, “‘Deed they do.” And then later that day I was addressing an […]